Tired of complaining about academia and ready to do something about it? Join us! (We do not care about where you went to school.)

New Science is currently hiring for the following positions:

Head of Program

This is a full-time position in Boston, Massachusetts (we will help you to move if needed). The expected salary is $100,000.

For our first major initiative, the 2022 Summer Fellowship, New Science will assemble 10 brilliant young scientists for a fully-paid-for research experience in Boston. With your guidance, we will select fellows on the audacity of their ideas and will provide them with stipends, lab space, materials, and mentorship, giving them maximal freedom to pursue something of their own and combining that freedom with the mentorship and support that allows them to fully express their talents.

You will oversee both the big picture and the details of the program, working closely with Alexey and David to determine the precise architecture of the program to ensure that fellows come to the lab prepared to do research from day one. During the fellowship, you will support fellows by making sure that their research stays on track while coordinating with the lab manager and mentors. And while in the first year only the most adventurous students are going to apply, you’ll make sure that for the summer 2023 fellowship, everyone considers applying.

In the meantime, as a member of our full-time staff, you will either be working on a bigger and better version of the fellowship or taking steps to conceive and establish our next major program.

You believe in a future with outstanding, smooth-running, scientific institutions and are willing to step up and shape that vision as it unfolds. You’re New Science’s Head of Program. You can submit your application in the Airtable just below.

Living Library

This is a full-time position. We strongly prefer you to be with us in Boston, Massachusetts but we are willing to consider remote applicants. The expected salary is $100,000.

You’re a researcher who will help us find and evaluate specific opportunities and broad areas of research in the life sciences. You have a favorite methods section. You’re always tracking down obscure sources. You’re that friend who accidentally rattles off a whole review paper in conversation.

The details of this job will depend on your skills, but we imagine you would spend most of your days doing things like:

Reading and reviewing other people’s work from within New Science, giving suggestions, making connections, and ensuring all empirical claims are correct. You might have experience as a reference librarian, or might be a PhD student who wants to get out of academia. You know the field; you know where all the skeletons are hidden. You’re a Living Library for New Science. You can submit your application in the Airtable just below.


Wait! We’ve forgotten something, and you can’t wait to tell us about it. You might be an “insider” who knows a lot about which areas are well-explored and which are under-explored, an “outsider” who comes from another field and has identified problems that life scientists have missed, or an “insider-outsider” who combines aspects of both. You’re full of big ideas and the gumption to get them done. You already have pages full of ideas that are ready to send to You’re ready to define your own role. Let’s hear it!