Do you want to help science progress faster? Are you interested in the life sciences? Do you want to work at a startup-nonprofit that wants to scale its impact on the ecosystem?

New Science approaches the problem of making science work better from first-principles, always probing for the highest-leverage points: whether it’s unblocking individual researchers by funding, mentorship or matchmaking with potential advisors and collaborators; creating new programs and structures that allow researchers to make as much progress on their science as possible; or doing metascience research that cuts at the very heart of the biggest issues facing academia. We plan to scale significantly over the next several years and to launch and quickly learn & iterate on a variety of programs and fellowships – starting with our summer and one-year fellowships – with the ultimate goal of building the institutions of science.

So far, we have been supported by the Survival and Flourishing Fund (funded by Jaan Tallinn, who co-founded Skype), Vitalik Buterin (creator of Ethereum), and other donors for its mission of building the 21st century institutions of basic science. See a profile of New Science and other emerging scientific organizations in The Atlantic.

If you’re interested in joining us, send us a note via a form below. We are based in Boston and strongly prefer being in-person.


You can find jobs at organizations we find interesting (Convergent Research and their Focused Research Organizations, Arc Institute, Arcadia Institute, and Astera Institute) here.