New Science incorporated in 2021 and joining us today will mean standing at the very roots of our journey, as building 21st century institutions of basic science will likely take decades and tens of billions of dollars in funding.

Our current focus New Science is preparing to run an incredible summer fellowship (think Y Combinator for basic science) and then an even more incredible one-year fellowship for young scientists, from which we’ll expand into funding/running entire labs and then entire research institutes that will comprise the 21st century institutions of basic science.

In addition to running programs and directly enabling research, we’re going to be working on special projects, like essays, tutorials, original research, services, and so on, that will help scientists to do science better and that will make their lives easier. Good examples of inspiring for us services: Hacker News, synbiobeta conference, and Arxiv Sanity Preserver. Good examples of inspiring for us pieces of content: Stripe Atlas guides to running an internet business, How Life Sciences Actually Work, Applying for NIH funding, Part 1, Salary Negotiation: Make More Money, Be More Valued, “profound gossip” (e.g. a tell-all on the career world they saw. Describe concretely & in detail what they saw & how things seem to work there. Where the bodies are buried), How I Read a Paper: Facebook’s DETR (Video Tutorial), The Sheekey Science Show YouTube channel.

Thus at the moment, we’re hiring for positions to lead and support our first fellowships, to support the operations of the entire team, and to take the charge of Content and Services. Biology experience is not required for all positions, but will be a big plus for many of them, given that we are essentially providing scientific infrastructure for scientists and supporting them in their research.

If you’re interested in joining us, please fill out the form below. If it seems like a potentially good fit, we’ll be happy to brainstorm what your role could look like. More often than not, early hires do not fit any of the pre-defined roles very well but are distinguished by the desire to contribute to the mission and find a unique role for themselves that fits their particular strengths especially well.

Do not hesitate to reach out to if you have any questions. We offer a $10,000 reward if you refer someone we end up hiring.