You can find jobs at organizations we find interesting (Convergent Research and their Focused Research Organizations, Arc Institute, Arcadia Institute, and Astera Institute) here.

Right now New Science is hiring for the following positions:

  1. Head of Program to lead and support our current fellowships and to design and lead our future programs.
  2. Lab Tech to support the fellows in our one-year fellowship and to grow into managing our lab space or leading further programs.

If you think there’s a role you’d be suited for that’s not on this list, please contact us!

So far, we have been supported by the Survival and Flourishing Fund (funded by Jaan Tallinn, who co-founded Skype), Vitalik Buterin (creator of Ethereum), and other donors for its mission of building the 21st century institutions of basic science. See a profile of New Science and other emerging scientific organizations in The Atlantic.

We’re starting with two fellowships for young scientists: the 2022 summer fellowship and the 2022 one-year fellowship. In the process, we are preparing to start supporting scientists to do longer-term work and to have support structures outside of the traditional academia that would enable them to continue doing full-time basic research without worrying about ever having to write an NIH grant again.

Eventually, we envision a network of research institutes, both affiliated with New Science and not affiliated with it, and other types of scientific organizations supporting the process of research, creating an independent scientific ecosystem that would constitute the aforementioned 21st century institutions of basic science.

The role of New Science in this bigger vision is to:

  1. Start to attack specific structural, cultural, and talent-related issues facing academia (as detailed here) running research programs ourselves.
  2. Provide the scientific infrastructure for scientists, abstracting away as much of the activities they don’t have comparative advantage in and leveraging their talents to the greatest extent.
  3. Provide support to the broader institutional ecosystem in the form accumulating the knowledge required to run new organizations, connecting people within the ecosystem and those wishing to join, providing services to the ecosystem, etc.

We are based in Boston and strongly prefer being in-person. We are happy to help you with and to pay for your relocation. We offer top-tier healthcare (including dental and vision) benefits. We pay competitively.

Biology experience is not required for all positions, but will be a big plus for many of them, given that we are essentially providing scientific infrastructure for scientists and supporting them in their research.

If you’re interested in joining us, please fill out the form below. If it seems like a potentially good fit, we’ll be happy to brainstorm what your role at New Science could look like.

If you’re excited about the mission of New Science but you don’t feel like any of the positions listed would be a perfect fit, do not hesitate to submit a general application. If it seems like a good fit, we’ll be happy to brainstorm what your role could look like (for example, David is our Head of Strategy, even though no such position existed when he applied). More often than not, early hires do not fit any of the pre-defined roles very well but are distinguished by the desire to contribute to the mission and find a unique role for themselves that fits their particular strengths especially well.

Do not hesitate to reach out to if you have any questions.